Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Excitement on Friday morning.

Fall Message from Dr. Tynan

Good afternoon,

This morning we had some excitement around the building and wanted to inform parents, who may  hear it from their children, or parents who have already heard rumors.

At around 9:45 a.m. the evacuation alarm malfunctioned and went off, not knowing that it was a malfunction we went into action as if it were a real evacuation. There was some confusion but everyone acted in the manner that they were supposed too. Everything was back to normal and students were working diligently shortly after 10.

While this morning was hectic, it provided us with an excellent opportunity to see how we operated in a potentially real life situation which just cannot be replicated in practice. Overall, I would say we were pretty successful and the emergency plans we have in place worked; however, we did learn a couple of things that we can tweak. The teachers and myself will be working together to ensure that all emergency practices are implemented automatically.

thank you,

Dr. Tynan