Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

PTA Message: Walk and Roll-A-Thon

On behalf of the Howe PTA we would like to thank the parents who brought the Early Bird vouchers this week. We would like to encourage everyone to continue to obtain more sponsorships for the Walk & Roll-a-thon.

Let’s make this happen for our students. Since the school has moved we haven’t had a fundraiser so this one is very important to keep the PTA going and fund events throughout the school year. Such as assemblies, Montessori materials, training and many other classroom needs. Raising money now allows us to start our next school year with the needed funds to do all this.

Let’s do this together and make our school and education for our students stronger. As parents at Howe we let our children lead the way to their future. We as parents we show how to step up and make it happen!

Thank you

Jessica Burt