Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Important Message from the PTA

Hello Howe Montessori and Center-Based Education Families,

Thank you to all those families who have been turning in their blue forms with the committed sponsorship money. If you haven’t turned in the blue form with the money we would like to encourage you to do so to be able to enter into the drawing for the Mini iPad bundle. If you have collected $50 that will give you one ticket for the drawing and if you have collected sponsorship for $100 you will receive 2 tickets for the drawing and so on. If, in any case your child was absent, please call the main office at school to notify about the money. The raffle tickets will be given to the teacher after we have received the money.
Just to reiterate, the funds that are raised from this fundraiser are to support our students with being able to have assemblies, bring down the costs of field trips, field day, teacher appreciation day and many more events. The funds also will support our teachers who we entrust our children to educate and enjoy learning in a safe environment.
We haven’t had any big fundraisers during the school year, so it would be great if we could raise the money all together in order to start the new school year of with a good start. If we don’t have the funds and resources to schedule events or assemblies that will only hurt our students and their education experience. As parents we have to work together to make our school united, empowering, inclusive and stronger as a whole.
The winners will be posted on the Wall of Fame in the hallway
We appreciate each and everyone for all their hard work this last year.

We will extent the deadline to turn in your donations and blue sheets to Friday May 15th end of school day.

Thank you very much for your support!!

Howe PTA