Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Parking Lot Procedures for Montessori Arrival/Dismissal

Please help us to provide a safer and more efficient arrival and dismissal for our Montessori students! Over the past few weeks significant attention has been given to improving the safe flow of traffic for arrival and dismissal in the rear parking lot, however there continues to be concerns with safety. We need your support by observing the following procedures:

1. Please do not park or wait in vehicles in the pick-up/drop off zone. If you wish to stand with your student(s), watch from the car, or walk them to/from their lines, please park in a designated parking space.

2.Please form 2 parallel lines for the drop off/pick up zone. The zone itself is a one-way zone (We need to allow a through lane for parked cars to enter/exit)

3. When using the drop-off zone please be sure students are ready to exit. You need to park in a designated parking space if your student needs time to finish breakfast, put shoes on, pack their school bag, get a note signed, etc.

4. Be courteous. Once your student exits the vehicle and is safely on the sidewalk carefully exit the zone quickly. You may need to proceed to a parking space if your student forgot something, you wish to wait, or you need to use your cell phone.

5. The driveway into the parking lot is 2-way. Please do not pass cars to enter the parking lot and do not stop in the driveway or the exit space leading to the driveway. If you need to come back for any reason, please completely exit and come back through the line again.

Several of our families have decided it is easier for them to park in the other lot and walk up to avoid and minimize some of the congestion. Please watch for pedestrians when entering or exiting the driveway.

Above all…please be safe…drive slowly…pay attention!

Supervised student arrival: 8:25-8:40 (after 8:40 use front entrance to sign in)
Students are released to their teachers at 8:35
Teachers walk students down at 3:35

We appreciate all of your consideration and support in abiding by these procedures.

Tammy Fournier – Assistant Principal