Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Message from Mr. Burch

December 1, 2015


It is with a very heavy heart I share with you sad news about a member of our Howe family.

On Monday evening, long time Howe teacher Ms. Deborah Haddix passed away as a result of a severe heart attack that occurred on Sunday.  

Ms. Haddix has been with the Dearborn Public Schools for almost 30 years and was currently teaching our severe multiple impaired students in grades first through third.   She dedicated her professional life to teaching students at Howe School starting in 1986. However, the word “teaching” only begins to describe Deborah’s commitment to helping the children at Howe. She was passionate about her work and cared about the well-being of each child in her classroom. Ms. Haddix will be missed by all.  

This sad news has been shared with all of our staff at Howe. District Social Workers were in our building to support staff members who may have wanted to share their feelings or thoughts.  Our Social Workers will continue to be at the school for the next few days to continue to support our staff and help any students who may also be struggling with this loss.   

As I write this letter, we do not have any details on funeral arrangements but will share information once it becomes available.

The halls of our school are feeling empty today and will for many days to come. Ms. Haddix’s presence will be missed by students, staff and parents.  Our deepest condolences are with her family at this most sad time.  I ask everyone in our Howe family to please put Deborah’s family in your thoughts and prayers.      

Thank you

Clayton Burch