Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Ms. Truxall’s Classroom News

December has been an exciting and fun month for us.  We’ve been studying lots of interesting things like Informational Writing.  The students created their own informational writing piece about a chosen topic and included a photograph with a caption, highlighted words, glossary and a title.  Then everyone got to sit in our author’s chair and read their writing to the class.  They are hanging up in our room if you’d like to come see them.  In Science, we’ve been learning about mixtures and solutions.  Ms. Truxall brought in hot chocolate for us to mix and watch the sugars and chocolate dissolve in warm water Combined, this made a solution.  We wrote a “How to” writing page about our experience.  The hot chocolate was yummy and warm after a cool recess.  Our writing is posted outside our room.  That’s all from Ms. Truxall’s room.  Happy Holidays!