Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Classroom Corner

One of our Howe School initiatives this year has been to improve communication between our students, staff, and families.  Since the beginning of the school year, a committee of teachers have been meeting to brainstorm and implement ways to improve communication both in the building and between home and school.  As a result of their work, the communication committee has decided to highlight classroom activities on the blog in a section called “Classroom Corner”.  Throughout the year, every classroom teacher will each take a turn highlighting their classroom.  We hope you enjoy reading about the amazing things happening in our school!

Today’s Classroom Corner is from Ms. Erin Golec’s kindergarten/1st grade Montessori Classroom:

In our class, we have been busy learning about fables. We enjoy using our imaginations and pretending that we are the animals

from within the tales. We also look forward to sharing our ideas as to what we think the moral of each tale is. At the end of each

fable, we write a review so that we can share our opinions with one another.