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Howe School Green Team

Green Team update

The Green Team has used $110 of the money that we earned from our used book and bake sale to adopt 2 Endangered animals the lion and the wolverine.  You can see the adoption certificates in the hall by the showcase.

The Green Team has been working hard on a Use Less Waste Less campaign for the school.  We have used $80 of the money that we earned to purchase plastic/metal recycling bins for the classrooms and common areas of the school.  We will now be recycling plastics and metal and we need families to help by occasionally bringing some recycling home.  The Green Team members will be interviewing the kitchen staff to discuss ways to help the students waste less food.   We will now be recycling paper, newspaper/magazines, cardboard, plastic, metal cans and printer cartilages.

The Green Team is also helping the animals on our campus.  We made bird feeders out of recycled water bottles and hung them on Nature Area fence.

We are right now having a contest for the Wayne County Green School Logo Contest.  The entries are on the Green Team board.  All the classes will be voting for their  favorite.

Our next meeting we will be discussing Michigan’s watershed and discussing ways that we can help support the situation in Flint and the Rouge river.  We will be writing letters to government officials to support legislation to clean up Michigan’s fresh water.

We are asking parents to try to help us by packing a waste less lunch.  We challenge you to try to pack a lunch where NOTHING is thrown away.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of a juice box get a small refillable bottle for juice.
  • Instead of a plastic sandwich bag get a reusable sandwich box
  • Instead of a paper lunch bag get a reusable lunch bag
  • Instead of individual bags of chips get a big bag of chips and put a small amount in a reusable container.
  • Instead of throwing away plastic spoons and forks wash them and use them again or buy metal ones they can use again
  • Instead of a paper napkin use a cloth napkin.

Thanks for all your help in making us a Green School!