Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Howe School Green Team Update

The green team has been busy with several activities.  Here is our update.

  • We have been discussing Michigan’s watershed.
  • Bake Sale – We will be having a Bake sale after school on 3/8 to raise money to help the people of Flint with their water problems and to help support cleaning the Rouge River.  Bake good donations are needed.  Please drop them in the office kitchen on 3/8.
  • Scholastic Book Fair – You may also visit the book fair at this time.
  • Waste Free lunch-We need your help! The Green Team has been working to promote students bringing a waste free lunch.  Please try to pack items in reusable containers,  don’t buy single serving items of chips, yogurt or fruit try to pack a small amount in a reusable container, buys a reusable water bottle instead using plastic bottles, buy a reusable lunch sack.  Each student that brings a waste-less lunch and throws nothing away can have a sticker.
  • Recycling– We have increased our recycling program this year.  We are now recycling paper plastic and metal in all classrooms.  We are recycling ink cartridges in the office and we are starting a clothing drive to donate to local shelters and resale shops.