Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Parking Lot Reminders

As we settle into the new year, I would like to address some concerns I have been receiving regarding the parking lot during arrival and dismissal.  The front parking lot off of Ann Arbor Trail is for preschool, kindergarten and first grade only.  If there are older siblings please have the kindergarten or first graders use the back lot. Pre-School parents are required to sign in their children, so we ask that you try to reserve parking spots for our preschool families. Students in grades 2-5 have line up and dismissal in the back of the school. All students will have out door line up as long as the weather is above 20 degrees with windchill or unless there is lightning in the area. Entry begins at 8:35 except for students who come for breakfast.

Here are a few important notes for parking lot procedures in both lots:

  • Please use caution and drive slowly.  A few seconds of time is not worth the risk of harm to our students.
  • Both lots should have a ONE WAY pattern.
  • Do not create additional spots. It prevents the flow of traffic.
  • Limit to 2 drop off lanes to allow an open lane between parking spaces and drop-off lane
  • Please do not leave your car or linger in the drop off lanes (find a spot to park if you would like to wait in the back lot)
  • Be aware and respectful of those around you

With the help of Ms. Saleh and our school district, we are also working with the county and the city to try to get additional signage to identify school zones on Outer Drive and Ann Arbor Trail.

Thank you for all your help to ensure a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal for our students!