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Having technology issues? What to do checklist!

Technology Issues: What to do?

These are the steps families should take if they encounter technology issues while participating in class (Zoom, Schoology, etc.).

  1. Make sure that you are connected to the internet.  Sometimes the internet will disconnect without the user realizing it.
  1. Make sure that you are signed in using the student’s username.  District accounts are linked directly to the students username.
  1. Your student’s username is their District number

– If you do not put, the username will not log in to whichever platform you are using.

  1. Email your student’s teacher the problem.  The teacher may be able to solve the issue quickly.
  1. Contact the Parent Help Desk: (313) 827-8400

Please, follow these steps prior to contacting the office with technology issues.  Following the above steps will ensure that your technology issues are resolved in the quickest way possible.

Thank you!