Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Reminder for Indoor Line-Up

As the cold weather sets in, I want to take a minute to share our guidelines for morning line-up and recess. Students will have indoor line-up and/or recess when the temperature is below 20 degrees with the windchill. During indoor arrival, supervision is provided for the students in the back hallway and at the front door entrance. Children may also wait in their vehicle with parents as long as you are not parked in the drop-off lane.  During that time we must respect that we have special education students who need access to the bathrooms and are transitioning to and from the cafeteria for breakfast.  We are unable to support a large number of parents waiting with their children, so we ask that you do not stay with your children  in the building.  We will ensure they are safe, and at this point of the year, they are capable of waiting with us. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter. Thank you.

Mrs. Fournier