Howe Montessori and Center Based Education


We have provided answers to most of the frequently asked questions regarding Howe Montessori & Center Based Education School. If your question(s) is/are not found in this FAQ section, feel free to contact our office at (313) 827-7000 between normal business hours or send us an email.

What is the tuition to attend Howe?
Howe school is a public school so there is no tuition; however, the Pre-K Montessori Program is a fee based program. For more information on the Pre-K program, click here.

What grades does Howe offer?
Howe Montessori offers K-5 with a fee based PK. The Center based programs range in age of 3 through 26.

How big are the classes at Howe Monetssori?
We try our best to cap the class size at 25. There have been times were the class size was slightly larger but generally class size ranges from 20-25 students.

What is expected of me as a Howe parent?
Since Howe Montessori is a within district school of choice program parents are expected to drop off and pick up their children. It is imperative that students are dropped off on time and picked up on time. Parents are also expected to check their child’s homework and planner daily as well as checking teacher blogs on a daily basis.

What curricula does Howe use?
Howe Montessori uses district curriculum such as Eureka Math, the Daily 5/Café, 6 + 1 Writing Traits, and the Montessori materials. We follow the Common Core Curriculum standards. The Center programs uses Essential Elements of the Common Core Curriculum standards, Balanced Literacy, First Authors Writing Curriculum.

What special classes are available?
Gym, Music, Media, and Art

Are preschool and early childhood programs available? What is the cost?
Yes. The cost is $3,000 for Dearborn residents and $3,500 for out of district. There is a $200 registration fee which would go towards the fall tuition. Often we provide a $35 Discount Coupon for Early Registration. For more specific information and available offers, contact our office at (313) 827-7000 or email us.

When will I know which classroom teacher my child has been assigned to?
Class list are posted on the outside doors the day before Labor Day weekend.

What kind of supplies do I need to purchase for my child? When will I receive the supply list?
The supply lists can be found on the teacher blogs. Teachers will also send home a supply list on the first day of school.

Does Howe offer bussing for my student?
The Montessori is considered a school of choice program. It is the parents responsibility to drop off and pick their student on time.

What time does school start and end?
8:35 AM and 3:35 PM respectively.

Where should students go when they arrive at school?
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students can enter through the doors off of Ann Arbor Trail or Grades 2-5 enter in the back doors. Students line up outside unless the temperature is below 20 degrees with windchill or during heavy rains.

How will my child find his/her teacher on the first day of school?
Teachers will be available to greet the students

Will I be permitted to go to the classroom with my child on the first day of school?
It is not recommended. Children need the opportunity for independence.

Can I visit my child’s classroom?
Of course. However, as to not interrupt the learning for students, it is important to make a scheduled visit.

How much is lunch? Do I send cash with my child?
Lunch is $2.50 and milk is available to purchase for .50 cents per carton. You may send money with your child or place money on a school lunch card for a running balance.

What is a lunch card? How does my child us it? How do I check the balance?
A School Lunch Card is used similar to a debit card. Money is preloaded on the card and the student can use it to make lunch purchases. You can check the balance by going to the Dearborn Schools Parent Connect site. To register visit,

What is the pick-up/drop off procedure? How is it handled if I have multiple children that are scheduled to exit out different doors.
Students can be dropped off at the front doors or in the back. Safeties work both doors. If there are multiple students, the older sibling will walk the younger sibling with them.

Does Howe offer a breakfast program?

Can I eat lunch with my child?
This should be reserved for only very special occasions. Again, students need the opportunity for their independence and socialization.

Is my child allowed to have a snack at school? What kind of snacks can I send?
Yes. At this time we do not restrict specific snacks; however, it is strongly encouraged to only send healthy snacks with your child.

How often do the children get recess and for how long?
Recess happens two times daily. The length of time can vary but it is generally 15 minutes.

What are the office hours?
Monday thru Friday (except holidays, see school calendar)
7:30 am to 4:00 pm

What do I do if my child is sick?
Call into the school.

What do I do if my child is late to school?
You need to come into the building and sign them in.

What should I do if I have to pick up my child early?
You need to come into the building and check the student out. At that time they will be called down to the office. No student will be called down prior to a parent showing up.

Who can check my child out of school?
Anyone who is on the emergency card. The guardian needs to call in advance to let us know that it will be someone other than the guardian.

How many absences can my child have?
Attendance is a pertinent part of a child’s education. We asked that your child has limited absences. After 10 absences you will receive a letter home. If the attendance continues to be an issue the matter is turned over to our truancy officer.

What do I do if my child needs medication administered during the day?
Come into the office and meet with the school nurse, myself or the secretary. Be sure to bring in a Doctor’s script for the medication.

How does Howe handle celebrating children’s birthdays and other holidays in school?
We believe that birthdays and holidays are an intricate part of a child’s development and are honored. Cultural differences are explored and discussed.

How are students’ graded? When are report cards sent out?
Report cards are sent out quarterly. Students are graded on a 1, 2, 3, 4 scale (1 being mastery and 4 needed much improvement)

How will I know if school is cancelled or delayed because of bad weather?
Everyone will receive an automated phone call to their primary phone number. The district also puts out tweets and facebook updates as well as informing the local media.

When is the best time and method to contact my child’s teacher?
The best way to contact your child’s teacher is through e-mail or setting up an appointment.

Can I be a chaperone for my child’s field trip? Can I bring my other children on the field trip?
You can be a chaperone. There is a brief form that needs to be filled out at the front desk. We ask that you do not bring you other children on the field trip. Being a chaperone involves watching your child as well as assisting with the other students.

Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom? How do I arrange to volunteer?
It is strongly encouraged that you volunteer in your child’s classroom. Contact the classroom teacher to arrange dates and times.

Is there a before school/after school program available?
Yes. Kids Club is available for a fee. The main office has brochures available to provide more information.