Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

The Responsibility Room

Dear Families,

Beginning Monday, November 1st, 2021, our school will be introducing the Responsibility Room.  The Responsibility Room will be used as a restorative practice to promote and reinforce positive behavior.

Our responsibility as educators is to ensure that our students leave our school with the highest level of education that we can provide.  We also have the responsibility to shape our young minds to understand the difference between right and wrong. The consequences that come with wrong choices must align to the behavior so that our students learn from their mistakes.

The Responsibility Room will be a place where our students will go when they have been given multiple opportunities to change a negative behavior.  Examples would be when a student is not following directions and is disturbing the classroom environment or a student is choosing to not participate in his/her learning community.  It will also be a place for when students need to reflect on a negative behavior that has caused someone else harm.

In the Responsibility Room, students will be asked to think about why they demonstrated the behavior they did and how it negatively impacted them or those around them.  Students will complete think sheets for reflection and to focus their thoughts, afterwards they will discuss how they could have made a better choice.  If a student is sent for the reason of work refusal, then they will complete the work that they did not do in class.

Families will be notified if their student was sent to the Responsibility Room by their child’s teacher.

The Responsibility Room is our school’s second tier for behavior.  If a student is continually sent to the Responsibility Room for the same reason, after three times the teacher will send the student to the office with an Office Referral.  

Our teachers have been working very hard since the beginning of school to establish a classroom environment in which procedures and routines have been taught, practiced, reinforced, and mastered.  Our students are held to that high standard each day, and they continue to rise above.  With the introduction of the Responsibility Room, we are adding a way to be more reflective with students so that they will make better choices in the future.

Thank you for your continuous support!