Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Dismissal Procedure Adjustment- Ann Arbor Trail Lot

Dear Families,

In recent weeks, we have received feedback from our families regarding the dismissal procedures in the lower elementary parking lot.  

In an effort to provide a safe and more efficient dismissal, we would like to communicate with you a change in our afternoon dismissal procedure that will begin on Monday, December 6 for students who are released at door 18 (The Ann Arbor Trail Lot).  

We are asking parents to remain in or by their vehicle and wait for their child’s teacher to guide them to the vehicle. Parents can then assist their child into the car and continue out of the lot. This reduces the need for parents to go around other cars making it safer for all. 

This was the same procedure we used successfully throughout the summer program . Please do not walk up to the dismissal area to wait for students unless you are parked in a designated parking space. By staying in or near your vehicle, students can get in the car more quickly and the traffic can flow through. 

This will help to encourage and support a more efficient dismissal while ensuring the safety of our students and families.

Thank you!

Mrs. Fournier