Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Recess Reminders

Dear Parent & Guardians,

Now that cold and soon-to-be snowy weather is here, it’s important for students to dress appropriately for the conditions. Students need to wear a winter jacket to school and also bring a hat and gloves. When snow is on the ground, students need to bring boots and snow pants. If the temperature is 20 degrees or warmer (with the wind chill figured in), students will still be going outside for recess. A copy of our Winter Guidelines for student dress is outlined below.

Winter Guidelines for Outdoor Recess

Students go outside for recess two times a day, even during the winter months. We use the following guidelines to determine when it is safe for students to be outside. To make this determination, we use the “feels like” temperature (wind chill) as reported by the National Weather Service. Please make sure your child is prepared with the necessary outerwear.


  • Below 20 degrees, we do not go outside
  • 20 degrees or higher, we go outside


During the months of December through March, students should bring boots every day as there are many areas on the playground that can get quite snowy and/or muddy. Labeling items with your child’s first and last name can help us to return any lost items. We expect that students will wear the following winter gear when heading outside for recess.


  • 50-60 degrees: Long sleeves
  • 40-50 degrees: Jacket or sweatshirt or coat
  • 30-40 degrees: Winter jacket, hat and mittens/gloves, and covered legs (i.e tights, jeans, pants)
  • Below 30 and if snowy: Full set of snow gear to play in the snow (winter jacket, snow pants, hat, mittens, and boots)
  • December – March: Bring boots and shoes daily 

Students who do not wear snow pants and boots will not be able to play in the snow.

Students who do not bring boots will still go outdoors but are expected to stay on the sidewalk.

Thank you for helping to make sure your student is prepared for the Michigan Winter!

Mrs. Fournier