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STEM Middle School Admissions 2023-2024

STEM School:

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Parent Timeline for STEM Admissions 2023-2024

Student Entrance Criteria STEM school provides an accelerated learning pathway for middle school students. This program follows the middle school curriculum and resources adopted across the district.  The STEM Apps class offered at STEM is now offered in each of our middle schools across the district to ensure equity for all students.  Our vision is to make STEM and STEAM experiences available and equitable to all students in Dearborn schools.
Entrance criteria 

Current Dearborn students with no test scores
80th percentile on NWEA (Reading  and Math), and Advanced or proficient on the 4th grade ELA and math M-STEP tests 
A score of 1 for Reading and Math on report card in marking period 3


A teacher and administrator recommendations of eligibility (on track to be successful in Advanced Math) THENScoring proficient or advanced on STEM admission writing prompt 

Dearborn resident students-not enrolled in the district (private, charter, home-schooled):

  • 80th percentile on NWEA/ (ELA and Math), or iReady Equivalent
  • Advanced or proficient on the 4th grade ELA and math M-STEP tests 

60 Seats Available (lottery for all students that meet eligibility)  following the timeline

All qualified names will be pulled with the first 60 offered admission and the rest of the names placed on the waitlist

Special population accommodations will be considered within the criteria above.