Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

Message from DTE

DTE - Critical safety information for your students 
Please help us keep your students safe Extreme weather is expected over southeast Michigan
and Thumb regions over the next several days, with heavy snow predicted along with strong winds,
followed by bitter-cold temperatures.

Before you send students home for the day, please share this important safety
message about downed wires.

Look up!

Electric wires may come down following the heavy snow – and then be covered
by additional snowfall. Please ask students to:·       

Look up when they’re playing outside. If they see a wire coming down from
a pole into the snow – they must stay at least 25 feet away, or the length of a
school bus.
Stay away from any fallen trees or branches – they could have brought
down a wire. Downed wires can look like sticks, so don’t pick up any sticks or
branches. Yard debris pick-up can wait until after the snow has melted.·       

We’re also asking parents to stay outside with their children and be vigilant
about identifying whether wires are down by looking up as well.       

Remember: Always keep at least 25 feet away from a downed power line
and stay away from anything touching that wire, like a fence. Always assume a
downed wire is live and dangerous.       

Parents, please report any downed line immediately
at, the DTE app, or by calling 800-477-4747. If it’s an
emergency, dial 911.

Thank you for your help with getting this important safety message out to students and
their families in your school community.

– DTE Energy