Howe Montessori and Center Based Education

This Week’s Classroom Corner

This week’s Classroom Corner highlights Ms. Keebler’s 2nd-3rd grade class:

Keebler’s Classroom Activities

In Keebler’s classroom we have finished learning about sound and we are now learning about animals.  We have learned the difference between vertebrate and invertebrate animals and will be concentrating on vertebrate animals first.  We learned the characteristics of the 5 main groups of vertebrates (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians).   We will be learning about different animal characteristics and adaptations that are used to help them live and survive in their different habitats.  For example we learned that the shape of an animal’s teeth can tell you what kind of food an animal eats. In writing we will be starting informational writing.  Each student will do research and be writing a report about a specific animal.  We will be completing our final draft of our animal reports on a Google docs and try to incorporate the animal’s sound in our document.

One of our Howe School initiatives this year has been to improve communication between our students, staff, and families.  Since the beginning of the school year, a committee of teachers have been meeting to brainstorm and implement ways to improve communication both in the building and between home and school.  As a result of their work, the communication committee has decided to highlight classroom activities on the blog in a section called “Classroom Corner”.  Throughout the year, every classroom teacher will each take turns highlighting their classroom.  We hope you enjoy reading about the amazing things happening in our school!